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Welcome to Climb Basketball Academy

We are a new basketball academy in Edmonton, Alberta that is specifically tailored to the basketball development of young kids. We run programs designed for kids aged 12 and under.

Our ambition at Climb Basketball Academy is to use our acquired basketball knowledge and experience to teach foundational skills and movements in a fun and welcoming environment for boys and girls who are in the early stages of playing the sport. We will accomplish this goal through several teaching methodologies, including blending development with play. We place a premium on maximizing the amount of time children are actively participating in drills and activities to keep the kids engaged and allow them to learn through action. 

We will have a maximum of 20 children per age group and prioritize a player-to-coach ratio that makes teaching functional and enhances the experience. Basketball can be a frustrating sport for young children when the hoops are too high and the basketballs are too big, so we will hold our programs in gymnasiums where the hoop heights can be adjusted and we will provide appropriately sized basketballs for use. 

The priority of the academy is to help children improve their basketball competence, which in turn will increase their confidence and enjoyment as they move forward in the sport.

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